Oral7 Mouth Spray 50ml

Oral7 Mouth Spray 50ml

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The Oral Seven (Oral7) range of oral care products contain natural enzymes to assist the functions of healthy saliva, keeping your mouth moist and balanced, and helping to soothe & protect your mouth tissue against minor infections.

Oral Seven Moisturising Mouth Spray with active enzymes that treat your dry mouth symptoms.

  • Trusted protein-enzyme system
  • Relieves symptoms of dry mouth
  • Enzymes help inhibit odour causing bacteria
  • May enhance gum health
  • No harsh detergents like SLS (drying agent) that makes other products worsen your symptoms.
  • Easy mist spray application for full mouth coverage
  • Helps freshen breath, mild mint flavour
  • Use on the go when required
  • Sugar & Saccharin Free

The Oral Seven formula is the original, clinically proven formula for dry mouth. It contains all the enzymes found naturally in healthy saliva that neutralize tooth-decaying acids and fight germs to rebalance your oral environment.

Directions for use:

Use as often as required, with a gentle spray in the mouth.