Offspring Baby Dish Wash 500ml

Offspring Baby Dish Wash 500ml

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Offspring's Plant-Based Baby Dish Wash removes grease, milk residue, and food stains on baby utensils and bottles naturally and effectively. ⁠

This all-natural organic cleansing agent is formulated with organic soapwort extracts – a natural, fully biodegradable surfactant for gentle, eco-conscious cleansing.⁠

🍃 Made with non-ionic bio-based surfactant⁠

🍃 Natural coconut-derived surfactant combined with biosurfactant clean and wash dishes squeaky clean⁠

🍃 Pure lemongrass oil has a fragrant scent with anti-bacteria and purifying properties⁠.
  • Add a few drops into water or apply directly to baby bottles, utensils or accessories.
  • Scrub well and rinse clean.