Lunavie Lingerie Wash (450 ml)
Lunavie Lingerie Wash (450 ml)
Lunavie Lingerie Wash (450 ml)
Lunavie Lingerie Wash (450 ml)
Lunavie Lingerie Wash (450 ml)
Lunavie Lingerie Wash (450 ml)

Lunavie Lingerie Wash (450 ml)

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Lunavie Lingerie Wash contains enzymes, which can effectively remove menstrual blood, sweat, and secretions from underwear. It can actively remove dirt and prevent the growth of bacterial and fungal.

It is suitable for delicate garments such as silk, lace, wool & knitted fabrics. For best results, pour the detergent into warm water (50°C-55°C) and soak the fabric for at least 30 minutes.


  • QUICK WASH – Contains Everlase Enzyme to quickly remove protein-based stains such as blood, sweat, white discharges & other stubborn stains

  • PREVENT BACTERIAL & FUNGAL GROWTH – Great in eliminating stains, prevent bacterial and fungal growth

  • NO HANDS INJURY – Add hand-protecting ingredients so you won’t feel astringent after washing your underwear


  • REMOVES STAINS – Contains Everlase Enzyme to remove protein-based stains, such as blood and food stains

  • ANTI-REDEPOSITION – This prevents the fabric from getting dirty and sticky during washing

  • SOFTEN THE FABRIC – A gentle emollient is added to ensure the fabric is soft and doesn’t feel rough or scratches on the skin. It also helps prevent static electricity from sticking to underwear


Lunavie Lingerie Wash washing products contain a concentrated lotion prepared. Just only applying a small amount can effectively remove dirt.

Cleaning care instruction
  • Pour detergent in lukewarm water (50°C-55°C)

  • Soak fabric for at least 30 minutes

  • Do not use the washing machine

General Tips for Washing All Lingerie

  • Always use a detergent for delicate garments

  • Hand wash in cold or warm water

  • Never wring or twist lingerie to remove water-use a towel to blot

  • Use a mesh lingerie bag if machine washing

  • If machine washing, just wash delicate with similar garments and avoid heavy fabrics that can tangle & damage delicate fibers

  • Never overload the washer or mesh bag-give items plenty of room to move

  • Separate light & dark coloured garments when washing by hand or machine

  • Always air dry lingerie-if you must use a dryer, choose the cool setting