Innai Nunha
Innai Nunha
Innai Nunha
Innai Nunha
Innai Nunha
Innai Nunha

Innai Nunha

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The best DIY Innai Powder Kit in Asia! Innai Nunha’s Powder is actually a mixture of natural henna leaves from 3 different areas with different temperature, weather & soil. And was turned into superfine powders for easy mixing.


What's in the box? 

● 2 grams of 5 x Innai Sachets
● Nunna’s Signature Bottle
● Free Gift Funnel
● Free Gift Buffer


How to use? 

  1. Tear the Innai’s Powder Sachet and add it into the applicator bottle. (1 sachet for every use)

  2. Fill up the bottle containing the henna powder with warm water up to the marked line. CAUTION : Be sure not to fill it with too much water. We want you to have the best henna quality.

  3. Shake well and apply immediately (don’t wait to long or it might affect color your henna)

  4. Give it a good rinse after 40 minutes.

    *Re-apply for a better result

💅🏻 Sah di bawa Solat
💅🏻 Daun inai asli 100%
💅🏻 Warna yang sekata
💅🏻 Berwarna dark brown
💅🏻 Tak perlu buff
💅🏻 Mudah apply
💅🏻 Cepat meresap ke dalam kuku