CHUBBY BUM LINERS 100% Biodegradable Bamboo Diaper Liners

CHUBBY BUM LINERS 100% Biodegradable Bamboo Diaper Liners

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CHUBBY BUM LINERS are 100% biodegradable diaper liners made from bamboo. These biodegradable diaper liners are designed to make reusable diaper changing easy and stress free.

Designed to allow liquids to pass through so that baby stays dry and comfortable whilst retaining solids to help reduce soiling of cloth diapers.

You can use these diaper liners with our Chubby Bum Adjustable Birth to Potty Cloth Diaper and all other reusable diapers.

Our diaper liners have the following features, which make them kind to our children and our planet:

- 100% Bamboo
- 100% Biodegradable
- Alcohol Free
- Fragrance Free
- Chemical Free
- Hypoallergenic

Our CHUBBY BUM LINERS are OEKO TEX Standard 100 certified, which means our diaper liners are free from harmful, toxic and allergic substances so you can be sure that they're safe for babies.


One roll contains 100 sheets of 18 x 30cm biodegradable diaper liners.


Place the CHUBBY BUM LINER flat on top of your reusable diaper.

Dispose used diaper liner and replace with new diaper liner with every reusable diaper change.

Once you have gauged your baby's bowel routine, you don't have to use a diaper liner every time you use a cloth diaper. Just use a liner close to when your baby usually has a poo.


Our CHUBBY BUM LINERS are natural and made from bamboo, which is a fast growing renewable resource that doesn't require much to grow. Our diaper liners are also 100% biodegradable, which reduces landfill waste.