Benny Bunny Strawberry & Blueberry Puffs (30g)

Benny Bunny Strawberry & Blueberry Puffs (30g)

Anggun Tropika
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Benny Bunny kids are always healthy, happy, active & curious.To support their growing needs and budding taste buds, we bake delicious and nutritious natural ingredients into light, tasty puffs. The perfect size and shape to develop strength and dexterity in little fingers.

High Calcium  is essential for strong bones and teeth, our body's ability to function and our ability to think.

- High Calcium
- Gluten Free
- Non-Fried
- No Added Sugar
- No Artificial Flavouring
- No Preservatives
- Natural Ingredients

Ingredients: Japonica White Rice, Brown Rice, Apple Juice Concentrate, Strawberry Powder, Beetroot Powder, Natural Blueberry Flavour, Seaweed Calcium.