Tanamera Rice Powder Facial Scrub

Tanamera Rice Powder Facial Scrub

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The use of rice has been an integral part of Asian traditional lifestyles for centuries. In the absence of manufactured cosmetics, Asian women have used rice in its many forms as a secret aid to beauty. Tanamera brings you the ancient beauty properties of the rice in a ready to use facial scrub enriched with plant actives.

Tanamera Rice powder facial scrub has a slight foaming property and is easy to rinse with water, leaving skin soft and moist after scrubbing. The scrub is formulated with natural rice powder and contains no artificial coloring, fragrance and preservatives.

 A ready to use formula suitable to be used by all ages and sex
 For a smooth and mild scrub
 Natural moisturizer that soothes itchiness and helps maintain skin flexibility
 Leaves skin moisturized and help increase cell turnover without any irritation side effect